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"As a candidate, I steadfastly champion the restoration of fundamental freedoms and the protection of constitutional rights. From tackling exorbitant property insurance rates to staunchly defending Second Amendment liberties and vehemently opposing medical coercion, my unwavering commitment is dedicated to safeguarding the core values that define our state and its residents."

Property Insurance Reform

It's imperative that we take action to restore Florida's property insurance to its rightful state. Currently, insurance rates for Florida residents are skyrocketing, reaching up to five times higher than they should be.

House with a Pool

Medical and Parental Freedoms

We cannot tolerate medical tyranny any longer. Coercion and mandates infringe upon our constitutional rights and must be brought to an immediate end. Parents should have ultimate authority over their children's education, health, and welfare.  Our bodies are sovereign and constitutionally protected, I will fight to protect those rights.

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I stand for preserving Florida's intrinsic beauty for future generations and maintaining its status as a premier tourist destination. I advocate for controlled growth that prioritizes the quality of life for our residents. I am committed to preventing industrial catastrophes and opposing projects like fuel farm monstrosities. All decisions concerning a county should be made by local elected representatives, not state bureaucrats. I stand by the home rule and firmly against the encroachment of the administrative state.

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2nd Amendment

I'm committed to fiercely advocating for the restoration and expansion of our Second Amendment rights. It's time to put an end to unconstitutional red flag laws.

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Election Security & Integrity

Unless we have a fair and free vote, we do not have a country or state. Our vote is sacred and must be treated with sanctity. We must restore confidence in our electoral processes and procedures. I promise to fight to safeguard our vote.

Election Day

Two-Tier Justice System

We must ensure law and order prevail, putting an end to a justice system that shields the radical left and entrenched establishment RINOs in our state and nation. It's unacceptable that individuals like the Clintons, Pelosi, and the members of the Biden crime family seem immune to accountability, while ordinary citizens face harsh treatment from law enforcement for minor infractions.


It's outrageous to witness the FBI raiding homes at dawn, as in the case of Roger Stone, merely for shedding light on potential illegalities within agencies sworn to protect us. Equally concerning is the unjust detention of January 6th political prisoners without due process, many of whom hail from our own state. We must demand the restoration of our constitutional rights and insist on the incarceration of politically influential criminals. Otherwise the justice system will be weaponized against us, as it has been against President Trump. It's time to hold both individuals and institutions accountable for their actions, ensuring they honor the oath they took to uphold our laws.

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