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Vote Gerry James
For Florida State Senate

About Gerry James

A seasoned athlete, devoted Christian, and community stalwart. For 20 years, Gerry and his wife, Debra, have called St. Johns County home, raising two sons and reveling in the joy of three grandchildren.


Gerry's commitment extends beyond his family. He's a beacon of faith, serving in prison ministry, including on death row at Florida State Penitentiary.​


As a professional athlete, Gerry's achievements are nothing short of remarkable. From bodybuilding to pro football to wrestling to golf, he's excelled across four disciplines. He's played at the US Senior Open and twice been crowned World Long Drive Champion. Not to mention, he's held the prestigious title of Mr. California BodyBuilding Champion.​


Today, Gerry's expertise reaches beyond athletics. As a PGA Professional golfer and financial advisor at, he's dedicated to guiding others toward financial stability and security.

What I Stand For

Christian, Conservative, Constitutional
"The time is now: 
If not me, then who?
If not now, then when?
We are on the brink of losing our freedoms."

“I am a staunch constitutional conservative, driven by Christian wisdom, common sense, and a deep-rooted patriotism. My commitment to defending our freedoms comes at a significant personal sacrifice, but I stand unwavering in this fight.

Unlike some, I'm not in politics for personal gain or to cozy up to the elite in Tallahassee. My motivation stems from a profound love for this great state, equal justice, and a burning desire to leave a better Florida for our future generations.


This isn't about me—it's about the future of our children and grandchildren. I'm in this fight for you, to safeguard our liberties, uphold our values, and ensure a prosperous tomorrow for all Floridians.”


Together We Can Take Back District 7

Corporate Fascists collude with legislators, both local, state and federal with no consideration on the impact to ordinary citizens. We must disrupt the pay for play schemes that are undermining our freedoms and way of life.


I'm fully committed to winning this fight, but I can't do this alone—I need your support! Your contribution to my campaign, whatever you can afford, is crucial to ensure victory. As the most conservative candidate for the Florida Senate, I face formidable opponents, including the most funded and powerful legislator in our state. The establishment will spare no expense to defeat me, but together, we can prevail.


When they resort to lies and deception through their PACs or direct advertising, I'll stand firm, refute the falsehoods, and go on the offensive. My allegiance lies with you—the grassroots of liberty—and my only special interest is serving you.


This battle for District 7's State Senate seat demands significant resources, and while I'm willing to invest heavily, I need fellow patriots who share my passion for our state and our district to join me in this fight. If you're unable to contribute financially, please consider volunteering. We need boots on the ground, knocking on doors, making phone calls, and spreading the word about our campaign.


True courage is scarce in Tallahassee, there are less than 5 legislators who truly serve the people. I vow to be unwavering in my defense of our constitutionally protected rights. I won't compromise our values or cozy up to ideologies that threaten our freedoms. I'll work tirelessly to keep communists/globalists/marxists far from power and ensure that our voices, not special interests, guide the decisions made in Tallahassee. Join me in this fight, and together, we'll reclaim our Senate seat and fight for a brighter future for Florida.


I stand for preserving Florida's intrinsic beauty for future generations and maintaining its status as a premier tourist destination. I advocate for controlled growth that prioritizes the quality of life for our residents. I am committed to preventing industrial catastrophes and opposing projects like fuel farm monstrosities. All decisions concerning a county should be made by local elected representatives, not state bureaucrats. I stand by the home rule and firmly against the encroachment of the administrative state.

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Contact Me

Twitter: @Gerry4Senate

Truth Social: @Gerry4Senate

Facebook: Gerry James for Florida Senate

Instagram: @gerryjames4senate

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